Friday, February 19, 2010

Manners and a Party!

Benjamin and his ride...  it's how all of the cool toddlers are getting around these days.  It really cuts down on the commute time from the bedroom to the kitchen (stupid D.C. traffic!).  
The placemat is being used!  Benjamin took it to the table and began placing the items on top - so, of course I grabbed the camera - I tried to be really unobtrusive, just to see what he might do on his own - and this is what he came up with!!!  I know - hardly a sign of genius at work, but still, SO CUTE for momma!  Oh, the hat?  Yeah, I was taking back out his little bag of baby clothes to narrow down the "must save" items, and Benjamin saw this hat and immediately latched onto it.  By latched on, I mean, he is now crying for the hat, wants to wear it all of the time, and takes great pride in being able to put it on, take it off, and watch the dog run around with it, then reclaim it with pupper goop on it and reapply to his own head (yuck!)...  crazy toddler!

After fixing his placemat, the baking soda wars began...
And painting another morning...
Just being his own self with a yogurty face :)
Yeah - we wear that shirt a lot - it's from his big boy cousin, Aidan!

Benjamin has been doing some other big boy stuff...
Benjamin's friend, Gerrik, turned 2 (WOO HOO!!!) and had a lovely construction hat cuppy cake party!
Adorable mommies and babies!

zip-zip-zooooooom is how it goes in toddler world!

I think that Cadia Rose enjoys cuppy cakes!

The birthday boy appropriately devours his happy birthday delight!

Mommies discussing important things whilst toddlers are contained by tasty treats!

The birthday party was super relaxing and cute  - we were so glad to see everyone and Benjamin had a great time ;)

And speaking of big boy things - Momma, seriously, I'm not sure how much more clear I can be about the signals that I am ready to start using the potty!!!

bwyl  *SherryQ*   xo

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