Thursday, April 23, 2009

Benjamin likes to "Chatter"

These aren't the best examples - he sometimes really gets going with all of his sounds :)

Just prior to me grabbing the camera, he was snuggling his head into the puppa's fur and babbling away - telling Forest his adventure stories. By the time I started the camera, he was trying to get back down onto the floor (which he will only do occasionally on his own) and talk on his telephone to the mysterious people that must live in there...

Here Benjamin has climbed onto my yoga brick and is holding on for dear life onto a chair. It turns out that he is telling me that he needs a new diaper - you'll see the stinky nose face that I falsley attribute to a scary tale. Once I helped him up after his fall at the end (he was fine), I discovered the true story... a diaper full of things that he did not want it to be full of ;)