Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Naysayers thwarted

Evidence that I DO give Benjamin (the photos are links too) down time ...


And no evidence of the previous night's colic or the lack of any nap so far today! He's alright, mates :) 7 Weeks old and growing stronger!

ttyl *SherryQ*

footnote: yes, he tends to wear the same clothes repeatedly - he likes predictability, and some clothes are just easier to put on and take off :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One Sweet Puffin says to Another

He says, "Yeah, I'm takin' it all cool like and stuff - sitting here with my Prima Puffin"

She says, "This Primo Puffin is cuddly - and look at how well I can hold him - just perfectly!"

What Tana really said was, "Happy thoughts, happy thoughts," but no one can figure out where she learned that or why she kept saying it ... she is a HILarious Puffin!

WOW!!! Can you believe it? This photo is most certainly a miracle ...


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

And now ... 1 Month Old!!!

(future Olympic Water Polo Player or Master Swede?!?)
Some recent photos ...


of Benjamin!

He is FULL of baby personality and cracks us up :) Little funny guy ... practicing his "look..." Watch out, Derek Zoolander!


btw - can someone please explain to me why grown men playing the manly sport of Olympic Water Polo wear little caps with bows tied underneath their chins? If we can develop razor suits for the swimmers, can't we find SOME way of helping out these guys and de-bow them??? -Perplexed in Frederick