Monday, March 31, 2008

Baby gets ...

....... a bunch of stuff from Hanna Andersson and Old Navy!

I admit - I panicked - I'm not embarrassed. Well, maybe that's because the orders didn't arrive yet (eeks!).

I was all, "what if the baby does come, like, in April,"
he was all, "don't worry, we'll just go and get some stuff,"
and I was all, "but you're drugged up from your surgery, and feelin' no pain,"
and he was all, "you're right!" with a big smile
... And so, the easy pleasey Internet called out to me, and I went a little mad at the smoothness of its charm, keeping the noted red, "sale," as my only guide.

I'm sure you can picture how this story is going to end. And, so can the UPS man. To whom I apologize in advance for not limiting myself to one store, one order, since you have to climb a giant hill to make my deliveries - if you've seen the driveway, you can imagine that the UPS man now actually prefers to walk up the hill rather than drive to the front door...

poor UPS man!

What about diapers? Bathtubs? Nail set? Balms? Creams? Bouncy seat? Assorted baby accoutrement? Pshaw! This baby will be stylin' - at least for a week or two, and after that - well, I guess I'm hoping that sweet naked (undiapered, unbathed, unbalmed...) babies are cute to some :)

ttfn *SherryQ*

btw Octavio's recovery continues to go well, and the surgical pathology report confirms the largest tumor was benign!!!!!!!!!!! :) W H E W But, without the narcotics, I am now on a "no more baby orders until after a shower or your mother visits" diet. I don't mind, really - I'd rather have my healthy, healing Octavio :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

What BabyQ Wants

Like many of us, the baby has needs, wants and dreams of lists :)

We are now registered for some items at Babies R Us.

Other than that, this BabyQ ...

Would like to have these projects completed:
• 2 fudge truffle painted panels surrounded with dark stained molding - nevermind
• 3-drawer dresser sanded, dark stained, large casters added
• tall dresser sanded, dark stained, large casters added
• crown molding installed
• Ikea shelves secured to walls
• 2 Truffle brown fabric covered cornices installed

Maxi-Cosi infant car seat – Penguin – already got it ☺
Amby Motion Bed Infant-Toddler Package – Natural – already got it ☺
Amby Safe-n-Sound Cuddle Snugglers
Amby Fitted Sheets (set of 2) – Natural
Tricotti Wrap – Cocoa size large
Lambskin Comforter – unshorn
Cleanwater Infant Tub
4-Sided Change Pad
Dresser Top Diaper Depot
g-Diapers starter kit and Global Blue/ Goodwill Green g-pants (2 of each g-pants)
Pampers Swaddlers size 1-2 216 ct.

***note on clothes – we know that baby likes the following, and is looking for organic cotton, boyish colors, with minimal to no patches (cars, whales, bears, trucks, baseball bats etc.) words (hero, future quarterback etc.) – so, baby doesn’t need these exactly, but this is what baby likes ***

Cotton Flannel Layette Set 1-3 M (4)
Jeepers Creepers Breezy Blue 0-3 M (4) 2-6 M (4)
Wiggle Pants Breezy Blue 0-3 M (4) 2-6 M (4)
Floppy Sunhat Camden Khaki XXS, XS
Grow With Me Tee Barely Blue 50 (4), 60 (4) White 50 (4), 60 (4)
Skies Of Blue Romper 2-6 mo., 5-12 mo.
Rugby Polo Romper Fresco Blue/ Oolong Green 2-6 mo, 5-12 mo
Coyuchi Baby Wash Cloths (2)
Kimono-Snap Wrap (4)
Long Sleeved Cotton Side Snap Blue(4) Ivory (4)
Footed CottonPants Blue (4)

Officially Licensed Red Sox Toy Box
Red Sox Infant Bootie Sox
Red Sox Onesie
Poppy Doll – green
Hugg-A-Planet Large (no chimes)
Lullaby Family Rocker – Sweet Pea slipcover
Shatterproof Mirror
Color Square Mat
Sheepskin rug from the MD Sheep and Wool Festival

Dreams of: (as our friend Deb says, "it doesn't cost anymore to dream big, so go ahead!")
4’10” Baby Grand Wagner piano #37G Ebony

And ... if you'd like to spoil the parents ... go here (EarthMamaAngelBaby)

Yes, you may giggle as you browse through the lists :)

ttfn *SherryQ*

Friday, March 28, 2008

And then there was drama ...

Greetings, Anonymous Reader!

Many of you have heard by now that Octavio's surgery went well on Thursday to remove a growing tumor from the left side of his neck, and we were all home by about 4 p.m. The surgeon continues to be 90% confident that the tumor is benign, and will confirm this with the pathology report. Poor sweet Octavio has to sit around at home until we go for his post-op visit on Monday, with a big bandage and tape etc. wrapped all around his head - think "deranged nun" look - but, he is handling it well and not in much discomfort. Before the surgery, Octavio had the most fun talking about his "toomah" ala a certain CA Govahnaytah, and that he would be like "Scarface" after the surgery. Yuck. What's wrong with boys?

Tio and Tana this past September... before the drama begins ...

We did have a baby appointment on Wednesday, with the perinatal specialists (we go to a regular OB/GYN as well), and received some concerning news - not tragic, just concerning. The baby's head and stomach are measuring small - small enough that we are at a low threshold for concern, and have to call the moment we feel anything might be unusual (whatever that means), and we'll have only 2 weeks in between appts (3 for the specialist).


The Dr. did say that this could mean a number of things, but to be on the safe side, I have to dramatically increase my caloric intake (I've only gained 3 pounds and am at 27 weeks) with a focus on proteins, cease all unnecessary activities, and let my work know that there is potential that I will be on bedrest, or they will have to deliver the baby after the April 10th or April 16th appts.

A self portrait from today ...

So, we ordered the car seat and crazy expensive stroller (we might return that since it was ordered under emotional distress) yesterday - and will begin actual baby purchasing (you know, diapers, clothes, and like stuff for babies other than books and shelves...).

I feel well - and full - with a kicking baby - and growing, and haven't been more than slightly concerned about the lack of weight gain, since I started out with extra weight on me, and I know plenty of similar women that actually lost weight or stayed the same weight for their pregnancies. But, the measurements are what they are, and I'll be doing my best to follow the Dr.'s instructions. He did also say that this could be a genetic issue, in which case increasing proteins and lessening activities won't make a difference, but it won't hurt to try whatever we can to have a healthy baby.

There's a possibility that the baby is just going to measure small too - but since it hasn't been measuring small until this last appt, we won't know that until we go back. Octavio's solution is for me to eat hot dogs and red meat every hour on the hour ... yeah, that's not going to happen ... but, I am on 2 Ensures each day, and am keeping better track of my intake (especially proteins). Since I'm a gluten/dairy free eater with an aversion to red meat - my diet hasn't been that bad - just not as high in proteins as it could be.

Having my mother-in-law here has been nice and comforting - yesterday at the hospital and today cooking up a storm (yum!) - tembleque, pork empanadas (yes, I eat pork - yum), lentils ... yeah for moms!

***empanadas* * * * * *lentils* * * * * *tembleque***
Tembleque - 2nd helping

We'll keep you posted on the mysterious BabyQ :)

ttfn *SherryQ*

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sweet Puffins

Sweet Puffins? Sweet Puffins?

A few of you called and asked, stopped and asked, and now I see a post - so, I'll post here with the answer to, "what in the world is a sweet puffin?"

A sweet puffin is, that, well, exactly that - a sweet puffin! Years ago I became enchanted with a funny bird with sweet and fancy eyes, called a puffin. I thought that I needed to see a puffin in its natural spot (which I haven't), display a folksie decoy of a puffin (which I have) and talk and dream about puffins as often as I could (guilty!).

"Puffin," as it turns out, is one of the MOST fun words to say :) So, when my brother and sister-in-law had their first baby, Tana (also with sweet and fancy eyes), I started calling her, "sweet baby puffin," and she loved it!

Tana is now a preschooler and toodles around her own sweet baby puffin (a stuffed puffin from her trip to Florida) in her baby stroller. And all babies are now baby puffins, and we like it that way :)

The end of the current evolution of Sweet Puffins and how they came to be. I hope that you enjoy saying it - enjoy using it, and enjoy all of the Sweet Puffins in your life :) We are so excited to meet the Sweet Baby Puffin that we're trying to grow here!

More posts to come ...

ttyl *SherryQ*

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

View of the Room

The Amby arrived yesterday!!! Today we are waiting for the shelves to be delivered :)

Before we begin making physical changes to prepare for BabyQ, here is what the room looks like today:

No worries, we are well aware that my Grandmother's case and random lamp are not needed here - and that the light hinty yellow is not a gender neutral color. With the shelves that are coming, and addition of cornice boards (think chocolate!), you'll hardly notice the walls... yes?

I suppose that indeed we have already made changes. There's the mobile from Corey, Sydney and sweet Tana :) The room used to be bright blue with matching bright blue carpet and, what can only be described as, awesome (read, "hideous") sports border and baseball themed ceiling fan - YIKES! Octavio is the most dedicated baseball fan in the universe, and even he couldn't stand it.

So now the room is a tranquil Winter Wheat color with bamboo floors - waiting for baby-ish-ness stuff to fill it up. I'm thinkin' a lovely sheepskin for the floor and a giant clock ...

We'll post more photos as the room grows :)

ttfn *SherryQ*

Monday, March 24, 2008

And the truth shall set ye (me? you?) free ...

So - here's what happened, for you curious-ers...

Octavio and I have been trying to get pregnant for about 6 years. We tried a number of options, that ended in a desperate "final attempt" (whatever that means) going through IVF this past Fall that resulted in this pregnancy - due June 29th or July 2nd depending on who is answering that question :)

For more information on IVF, and other fertility treatments, visit RESOLVE - my very dear and long time friend pointed me there - and this site was a lifeline for us! Thank you, MS :) xo

We did begin the pregnancy a little shaky when I had a severe reaction to some medications, that, once it started, was difficult to control (insert unpleasant procedures here) until the hormones balanced themselves out by around January - well, as balanced as they can be with being pregnant. During this time, we were unable to maintain the twin pregnancy - but this one seems to be plugging along well at this point :) We'll be back at the specialist this Wednesday for an update - these photos are from the 2.13.08 visit.

For those of you that knew - thank you for your tireless support! For those of you that guessed - thank you for letting us stay private! For those of you that didn't know at all - thank you for believing in miracles!

And now, for the promised giggle photo ... :)

ttfn! *SherryQ*

ps. We are not registered anywhere - but I suppose we should be soon. We do have a list of wants, needs and dreams of that we will post soon :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We ordered something (finally!)

Many of you are already aware that our major preparing for baby purchases so far have included a puppet, books, and a mobile - AND we received a beautiful mobile from Corey, Sydney and sweet Tana! Suddenly the word, "prioritize," is becoming more real as I begin to grow out of my regular pants (and unders).
So, and, so ... we ordered some shelves for THE room from Ikea, and our Amby! We'll start taking room photos once these arrive, and will post - no worries. BTW, we cannot locate our scanner, otherwise we'd post the cute little sonograms with the identifying organ showing that we are indeed having a sweet boy :) Once we find the scanner - photos will follow.

Thank you for visiting, and thank you for your patience. *SherryQ*

Saturday, March 15, 2008

You have heard ... possibly

Possibly, maybe, supposin' you have heard that we are expecting a sweet puffin at the end of June - beginning of July! Very exciting - no?
Come to think of it - people seem to ask that a lot, "You're pregnant? Wow - are you excited?" Pardon me, but wtf? Uhhh - am I supposed to say something in response that is socially acceptable - I don't think so! But, of course, all of those fun responses stay tucked neatly inside, while I actually respond, "Why, yes, kind person, we are excited," oh, yes, and I smile too - a kindly smile at that.
Of course, dryness to the wind, we are thrilled - we have been waiting a long time, and have had some unfortunate struggles to reach this point - which makes it almost surreal to know that we are actually moving forward (and moving well, tg) with the entire process.
So, we'll use this blog to post tidbits, news, and the sweet baby's wants/needs/desires - no worries, we will translate the popcorn inside-of-the-belly taps and kicks into English for you :)
I'll wrap up here with an apology to anyone that I mocked in the paragraph above - I know that sometimes it is difficult to know what to say, and I should be more patient and show a better appreciation and gratitude for what are ultimately good wishes - I'm trying, mostly :) ttfn


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