Thursday, July 16, 2009

Photos and moving bits...

Sport Boy!
Benjamin and Big Papi play a game of "chase me" before bedtime :) June '09
Sleepy bear in the car sportin' his awesome stretchy strap sunglasses! June '09

***I removed two photos of Benjamin and his cousins in the bathtub, and one little movie clip of Benjamin in the bathtub. These were precious and sweet moments with our precious and sweet baby puffins... but, it was brought to my attention that not everyone views children in the same way. I know that, but I forgot for a moment... stupid reality, stupid nasty people.***

Giving Forest a dental exam

Teasing Mommy with his standing/walking potential!

Rockin' out!

Just before Benjamin became very ill... super sick stander!
Sweet baby bear was SO sick over his birthday celebration weekend - we were exhausted! July '09
Showing Big Papi how to eat sweet corn :) July '09
Something is finger lickin' good... more CORN! :) July '09
Tio Hiram sent Benjamin this cool green puppy - a perfect pet! (Sorry, Forest!) July '09

WineBerries from our yard - we made an awesome gluten-free crumble!!! yummmm

He is a super duper dancer - but wimped out in front of the camera... so mostly just a diaper and mommy encouragement video :)

bwyl *SherryQ* xo