Friday, January 23, 2009

Baby foodie

Baby Benjamin is on a tasty tasting roll :)

Avocado = LOVES it
Bosc Pear = LOVES it, especially cold and chunky for his little growing teeth
Potato = likes it
Sweet Potato = LOVED it, now not so much
Broccoli = has only played and tasted, so... who knows ;)

Since I am a complete paranoid re digestive issues/ compromised immune systems, and their potential link to other yucky things (like autism), we are staying away from processed foods, gluten, and pesticides/hormones/steroid additives etc. and most dairy - although we do plan on a future full of yogurt. Judge as you like - I own my madness :)

We do plan on maintaining a regular APA vaccine schedule, as long as Benjamin seems to tolerate them well - and, so far, so good. Anywho, the pediatricians here in Frederick are now refusing alternate vaccine schedules... pfiffle >:P I may protest as the time gets closer to the whammy vaccines...

Good luck, sweet Benjamin ...

I so want to follow the Baby-led weaning idea for food introduction, and we are, mostly. But Benjamin really likes to chew on his weaning spoon - I have cheated and put food on the spoon...

Since I have the opportunity to let most things flow naturally with Benjamin's development, I am hoping that the food introduction works out too :)

That's all from here for now - I hope that all is well out there for everyone!

ttyl *SherryQ*