Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This photo was just 2 1/2 weeks ago - and this clip as well :)

Baby Benjamin and Prima Zoe helped Tana celebrate her FOURTH Happy Birthday on Valentine's Day, and at her birthday party with friends on the 15th at her gymnastics studio! Tana's "real" birthday was on the 17th - she is SO grown-up now!!!

Prima Zoe, Benjamin and Forest relaxing on the giant couch :)

We seriously heart the couch!

Here's the sweet baby sleeping in his carseat...

and in his cool wagon...

Wishing Big Papi a very Happy Birthday on 3.1
Poor Big Papi has a terrible cold :(***I have removed three photos of our sweet baby Benjamin in the bathtub because it was brought to my attention that not everyone views children the same way - stupid reality, stupid nasty people ***

Granny and GDad say, "goodbye," for now, and baby Benjamin has fun discovering Big Papi's new computer ;)

More to come... this week is double Puffin trouble at the Mt. Zion house!!! ;)