Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Upholstered Swivel Glider Rocker found!

We found it! We found it!!!

It was delivered on Monday - and Octavio had to carry in all 5 boxes - and bring them upstairs in the gazillion degree heat...

We emptied the boxes Monday night - and let all of the pieces sit and air out. We read on a review site that the upholstery is a little pungent with the flame-retardants. It seems to have worked out well - by Tuesday morning, the smell was gone.

And then last night... we assembled (Octavio did the work, and I contributed a lovely golf clap) the upholstered swivel glider rocker and matching ottoman!

You may be saying to yourself, "but, hey! wait a minute... I thought that both the Sawks and the Celtics were on last night - the Sawks even altered their start time to accommodate fans = Octavio." Yes, it is true - but, alas, both big Boston teams, well... bombed last night. So, the rocker was assembled instead :)

Perinatal Dr. visit went well this morning - we saw all of the heart ventricles, kidneys, stomach, spine, feet and a sweet arm and hand covering his face - again! So, no pictures (again) ... this baby is going to surprise us :) Ob/Gyn visit tomorrow - maybe we'll have more info then ...

ttyl *SherryQ*