Friday, February 12, 2010

Time to clean it up...

After the snow had a day to pack itself down, and the sunshine came out, we headed to the great outdoors to begin another snowy clean-up.

After my attempt at running myself over with the snowblower, Octavio thought he might give it a try himself...
Just like a pan of cut marshmallows! 

Thar he blows!
s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g...  I cannot reach you, little shed!

Trying to figure out how to get the cold wet snow off of his mittens

AHHHH!  Help me, Momma!

 Snowbanked Benjamin!

Feeling groovy!
note:  I was too afraid to step back and give perspective on how high into the bank he is.
About 5ft. or so off of the ground 

Throwing his own self into the stack at the edge of the driveway
and eating snow
Octavio cutting marshmallows
That doesn't sound nice (?) but it is a pretty view!

Benjamin running up and down in the little path
We couldn't get all of the snow with one pass - it was too deep

Hello, baby bear!

Snow panted toddler

Octavio working hard
What? Is it SO wrong to expect everyone to help?!!? 

Octavio is headed back outside now, while Benjamin is sleeping, to use the heavy metal shovel and break up some of the ice.  What will we do when real life returns, and Octavio is back at work everyday?  Little Mister is going to miss his Big Papi!  For some reason, I suspect that Octavio is looking forward to the return...  no one else around here seems all that concerned about Spring Training, although we do find PTI amusing.  Benjamin feels a bond with Tony K.

I think that we will venture out tomorrow - more snow is forecast for Monday.  Keep well, everyone!  This is one thrilling winter season, for sure! :)

bwyl  *SherryQ*  xo