Saturday, February 13, 2010

Coming Home

Concentrating on the happiness in my little family today as this will be the first time I am missing my sweet puffin's (the original puffin!) very happy birthday party.  She's turning five and having a blast at JoAnn fabric with all of her friends!  Looks like watching puffins grow up truly is bittersweet...
Tana at 4 months with GDad

Tana last month in Puerto Rico

 Quick topic change before I melt into tears (too late!)...

What is it about going to the bulk bins, writing the plu# on the twistie, then coming home and putting all of your goodies into jars and cannisters, that is so lovely and satisfying?

And now I get to use it all up making yummy stuff for my family to eat - and maybe some new momma's too!

bwyl  *SherryQ*  xo