Thursday, December 10, 2009

And the Christmas season is in full swing..

(will add photos and more stories soon)

Benjamin come around the corner after napping and was truly gobsmacked by the sight of the Christmas tree!  It was SO adorably funny!  He kept signing "tree" and saying, "tee, tee" as walked in circles all around the tree.  Then he suddenly stopped, and ever so gently reached out his little pointer finger to touch the very tippy edge of one of the bottom branches.  Touched the tippy edge, pulled away quickly and resumed circling, signing, and "tee, tee," looking back at me in wonder at how it all happened.


one of my best.  moments.  ever....  :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009


So, the month of October ended on a spooky note - and the beginning of November has come and gone.


During his "boy-parts-breathing" phase the night before, Benjamin had a little accident on the carpet - which we immediately covered with Baking Soda and dishawashing detergent. Jump to morning where Benjamin found the baking soda while mommy was in the ladies room.  I thought that the box was empty - obviously it wasn't - but, he dumped it all in the same place as the night before (and on his shoulder!

My leaf corralling days are, I hope, numbered, but we have one stinky crazy tree in the front that continues its days with TONS of leaves still green.  It is always the first tree to bloom and the last tree to loose it's leaves.  It's a pretty tree, and a shady tree, but I am a tired leaf corraller at this point and just want it to be ovah.

Just a small sampling of the leaves in our yard - w h e w  There's nothing like my little helper!!! xo

I can hardly believe that my parents and neice will be here next Friday for the Thanksgiving holiday... dang time is moving quickly...

Benjamin in his bed with Forest and bevy of stuffed protectors :)

Benjamin is hardly nursing at all anymore - tends to fall asleep with the binky in his mouth rather than my nipple.  It's all so very precious and bittersweet.  We have not yet heard back from the Dr's office regarding what financial situation we are in with the new insurance and trying for another pregnancy (this time just a transfer of frozen beans) - so these might be my last days of nursing a baby.  I try to concentrate on being thankful that I even had the opportunity at all - this almost never happened.  I am SO so so so grateful and beyond happy that it has - my sweet baboo puffin ;)

Dusk with my sweet baboo puffin after one day of leaf corralling - of course, more leaves dropped in a few days and it looked as if I had never been there...

Benjamin Rene Quinones - I know that yours is going to be a life filled with love, you wild and wooly little bear!  ;)

The day before Halloween we went to Prima Tana's school for a little party and to watch her parade - SO cute!  After coming home and having a nap, we carved our pumpkin so that we could dine by jack-o-lantern light for a few spoooooky nights :)

I feel quite full of it all.  Maybe I'll wear an underwire bra tomorrow.  TMI??

Happy Autumn, all ;)

We took Benjamin back to Jumbo's on Halloween - we rode on the hay wagon behind the tractor (he LOVES tractors), and took another jaunt with the pony.  Curiously enough, there were just a few other families - all with toddler boys!
bwyl  *SherryQ* xo

Monday, October 26, 2009

Outside in October

Mommy likes Autumn best.

Goodbye pesky gnats/mosquitoes/other annoying bugs!

Of course, there are now a bazillion stink bugs invading Maryland (yuck!) all over everywhere...  and the ladybugs are back...  and deer ticks, but still, the leaves are pretty, the temperature is more likeable and so we play outside a lot.  Yes, I have resorted to using popsicles as bait to lure him back inside when the time calls...  boo, Momma!!! lol

I hold my sweet puffin baboo as he falls asleep.  He turns towards me and says, " Mama," and then his sleepy little eyes roll back into his droopy lids, two more sucks on the binky, and  he    is      out :)  I almost cried, he is such a gentle squash of my heart just bursting forth to be his own self!  He is growing and learning and growing some more.  I am overwhelmed at how it is possible to be more in love with him everyday...  and am capturing every moment in my heart and soul to save up for the inevitable times when he will unwittingly attempt to break my heart by doing exactly what he is supposed to do - live his beautiful life as himself.  My sweet baboo puffin!  xo  I love you!

We went to another pumpkin patch...

  Happy Birthday to my little Bro/ Uncle Corey/ Daddy (to Prima Tana)