Tuesday, March 25, 2008

View of the Room

The Amby arrived yesterday!!! Today we are waiting for the shelves to be delivered :)

Before we begin making physical changes to prepare for BabyQ, here is what the room looks like today:

No worries, we are well aware that my Grandmother's case and random lamp are not needed here - and that the light hinty yellow is not a gender neutral color. With the shelves that are coming, and addition of cornice boards (think chocolate!), you'll hardly notice the walls... yes?

I suppose that indeed we have already made changes. There's the mobile from Corey, Sydney and sweet Tana :) The room used to be bright blue with matching bright blue carpet and, what can only be described as, awesome (read, "hideous") sports border and baseball themed ceiling fan - YIKES! Octavio is the most dedicated baseball fan in the universe, and even he couldn't stand it.

So now the room is a tranquil Winter Wheat color with bamboo floors - waiting for baby-ish-ness stuff to fill it up. I'm thinkin' a lovely sheepskin for the floor and a giant clock ...

We'll post more photos as the room grows :)

ttfn *SherryQ*