Monday, October 26, 2009

Outside in October

Mommy likes Autumn best.

Goodbye pesky gnats/mosquitoes/other annoying bugs!

Of course, there are now a bazillion stink bugs invading Maryland (yuck!) all over everywhere...  and the ladybugs are back...  and deer ticks, but still, the leaves are pretty, the temperature is more likeable and so we play outside a lot.  Yes, I have resorted to using popsicles as bait to lure him back inside when the time calls...  boo, Momma!!! lol

I hold my sweet puffin baboo as he falls asleep.  He turns towards me and says, " Mama," and then his sleepy little eyes roll back into his droopy lids, two more sucks on the binky, and  he    is      out :)  I almost cried, he is such a gentle squash of my heart just bursting forth to be his own self!  He is growing and learning and growing some more.  I am overwhelmed at how it is possible to be more in love with him everyday...  and am capturing every moment in my heart and soul to save up for the inevitable times when he will unwittingly attempt to break my heart by doing exactly what he is supposed to do - live his beautiful life as himself.  My sweet baboo puffin!  xo  I love you!

We went to another pumpkin patch...

  Happy Birthday to my little Bro/ Uncle Corey/ Daddy (to Prima Tana)