Saturday, October 10, 2009

JUMBO's Pumpkin Farm

We drove over to the other side of the mountain and visited Jumbo's pumpkin farm last weekend. Benjamin went crazy making all of the farm animal signs!

Benjamin signs, "pig"

This year Tana notices the farmy smells! :)

Puffins LOVE goats!!!

Prima Tana

Prima Tana and Benjamin!

Benjamin and Prima Tana rode horses!!! My apologies for the pictures with Benjamin being so very small - the larger I made them, the larger I was (I am SO not into being fat, I'm really not sure why I am doing it), and the less inclined I was to share them - so you get the un-cropped versions of far away, courtesy of Octavio, the photographer :)

Prima Tana

Benjamin Puffin!

Benjamin shows off his horsey-legs - He was demonstrating how he rode the horse!

Handsome Fellows XOXO

Supah Strong SupahStar!

Running Cousins :)

Yeah, that's right, I AM crazy cool!

Found a pumpkin, found a pumpkin!

Found a GREAT pumpkin!

Found the GREATEST Pumpkin!!!

Run away, pumpkin catchers!!!

Tiny Puffins with tiny pumpkins

Tiny Puffins with a GIANT pumpkin!

Final measurements before we took our leave...

See ya next year, Jumbo's (or next week!)!

It's SO crazy to think this was just last year's visit when he spent the entire time asleep in the Moby :) Babies are babies for about a millisecond!!!

bwyl *SherryQ* xo

Where Betty-Ann becomes Olivia, Nature is explored, and Forest is conquered!

Benjamin's Prima Zoe received a baby doll a while ago and named her, "Betty-Ann," after her Grandmother on her father's side. Once Zoe had a Betty-Ann doll, Tana wanted one too - so Granny (my mother) got Tana a Betty-Ann to match Zoe's.

When Benjamin was about 9 or 10 months old, Tana was spending the night and brought her Betty-Ann with her. Benjamin fell in love with Betty-Ann, so Prima Tana graciously left Betty-Ann to play with Benjamin for a while. A few weeks later, Prima Tana missed Betty-Ann, and took her home. Benjamin was sad :(

Aunt Kerry (Zoe's momma) happened to be visiting when Tana's Betty-Ann went home, so she went out and got Benjamin his very own Betty-Ann! Only now, Tana has delcared that there are too many Betty-Anns around, so Benjamin's Betty-Ann is now named Olivia. It is official - the tip top Puffin has spoken
Benjamin reads a library book to Olivia!

Benjamin loves to be outside - LOVES, loves, loves it!

Poor Forest never stood a chance!