Saturday, October 10, 2009

Where Betty-Ann becomes Olivia, Nature is explored, and Forest is conquered!

Benjamin's Prima Zoe received a baby doll a while ago and named her, "Betty-Ann," after her Grandmother on her father's side. Once Zoe had a Betty-Ann doll, Tana wanted one too - so Granny (my mother) got Tana a Betty-Ann to match Zoe's.

When Benjamin was about 9 or 10 months old, Tana was spending the night and brought her Betty-Ann with her. Benjamin fell in love with Betty-Ann, so Prima Tana graciously left Betty-Ann to play with Benjamin for a while. A few weeks later, Prima Tana missed Betty-Ann, and took her home. Benjamin was sad :(

Aunt Kerry (Zoe's momma) happened to be visiting when Tana's Betty-Ann went home, so she went out and got Benjamin his very own Betty-Ann! Only now, Tana has delcared that there are too many Betty-Anns around, so Benjamin's Betty-Ann is now named Olivia. It is official - the tip top Puffin has spoken
Benjamin reads a library book to Olivia!

Benjamin loves to be outside - LOVES, loves, loves it!

Poor Forest never stood a chance!

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