Monday, March 24, 2008

And the truth shall set ye (me? you?) free ...

So - here's what happened, for you curious-ers...

Octavio and I have been trying to get pregnant for about 6 years. We tried a number of options, that ended in a desperate "final attempt" (whatever that means) going through IVF this past Fall that resulted in this pregnancy - due June 29th or July 2nd depending on who is answering that question :)

For more information on IVF, and other fertility treatments, visit RESOLVE - my very dear and long time friend pointed me there - and this site was a lifeline for us! Thank you, MS :) xo

We did begin the pregnancy a little shaky when I had a severe reaction to some medications, that, once it started, was difficult to control (insert unpleasant procedures here) until the hormones balanced themselves out by around January - well, as balanced as they can be with being pregnant. During this time, we were unable to maintain the twin pregnancy - but this one seems to be plugging along well at this point :) We'll be back at the specialist this Wednesday for an update - these photos are from the 2.13.08 visit.

For those of you that knew - thank you for your tireless support! For those of you that guessed - thank you for letting us stay private! For those of you that didn't know at all - thank you for believing in miracles!

And now, for the promised giggle photo ... :)

ttfn! *SherryQ*

ps. We are not registered anywhere - but I suppose we should be soon. We do have a list of wants, needs and dreams of that we will post soon :)