Monday, September 15, 2008

Our "agreement" with the squirrels is OFF

Well, in my yard, we are no longer abiding by our agreement with the squirrels.

The squirrels are terrorizing us. They are luring us out into the yard with their mischievous eyes, swishy tails and funny antics, and then just as we pass underneath the acorn trees, they begin pelting us with acorns! Not nice, squirrels!

I've tried meeting with them to negotiate new terms - but they do not show up. Oh, I wouldn't want to exaggerate or anything, they do arrive, but just for a skittish, "how'dee do," and then they flip right off to their squirrely meetings, probably planning when to attack us again.

Hey - I've got a baby to protect now, never mind my sweet puppa who is completely baffled - he believed that the squirrels were his friends.

I've thought about imposing some kind of sanctions against the yard squirrels, but I'm not sure it would be effective, since they can easily skip out and move onto the next yard (and do, I believe), and we do not have any alliances with our neighbors in regards to the squirrels.

I could declare war and begin my own "pelting the squirrels with nuts" campaign, but with only one troop and the infinite amount of guilt I would suffer since I know that they need the acorns to survive the winter, this just will not do either.

Here is my solution: I will no longer walk underneath the acorn trees in the evenings admiring the swishy tailed squirrels. I will walk around the acorn trees and wish the squirrels well with their acorn gathering, since I do not need or want the acorns, and I have other paths to take.

W H E W - sticky situation resolved for now. But, I would very much like to walk again underneath the acorn trees, so if anyone has an "in" with the squirrels, please put in a good word for us!

Thank you! *SherryQ*

B b b b b Baby Benjamin in Motion

He's got some serious seriousness going on ... :)

and to continue ...

Thth th thththth that's all for now, folks :)

*SherryQ* and Benjamin too!