Friday, January 23, 2009

Baby foodie

Baby Benjamin is on a tasty tasting roll :)

Avocado = LOVES it
Bosc Pear = LOVES it, especially cold and chunky for his little growing teeth
Potato = likes it
Sweet Potato = LOVED it, now not so much
Broccoli = has only played and tasted, so... who knows ;)

Since I am a complete paranoid re digestive issues/ compromised immune systems, and their potential link to other yucky things (like autism), we are staying away from processed foods, gluten, and pesticides/hormones/steroid additives etc. and most dairy - although we do plan on a future full of yogurt. Judge as you like - I own my madness :)

We do plan on maintaining a regular APA vaccine schedule, as long as Benjamin seems to tolerate them well - and, so far, so good. Anywho, the pediatricians here in Frederick are now refusing alternate vaccine schedules... pfiffle >:P I may protest as the time gets closer to the whammy vaccines...

Good luck, sweet Benjamin ...

I so want to follow the Baby-led weaning idea for food introduction, and we are, mostly. But Benjamin really likes to chew on his weaning spoon - I have cheated and put food on the spoon...

Since I have the opportunity to let most things flow naturally with Benjamin's development, I am hoping that the food introduction works out too :)

That's all from here for now - I hope that all is well out there for everyone!

ttyl *SherryQ*

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Holidays

The happy holiday season has now concluded, and upon reflection, I say that it was quite busy and hectic and full of family and lots of love and crazy antics by two precious little girls and one sweet baby boy, our little Benjamin :)

Just before the madness begins:

And... one day before 6 months-old

***I removed a video of baby Benjamin in the bathtub as it was brought to my attention that not all people view children the same way... stupid reality, stupid nasty people!***

And... at 6 months-old... tasting FOOD!

xoxo Happy New Year! There are more photos on my Facebook page ...