Saturday, March 15, 2008

You have heard ... possibly

Possibly, maybe, supposin' you have heard that we are expecting a sweet puffin at the end of June - beginning of July! Very exciting - no?
Come to think of it - people seem to ask that a lot, "You're pregnant? Wow - are you excited?" Pardon me, but wtf? Uhhh - am I supposed to say something in response that is socially acceptable - I don't think so! But, of course, all of those fun responses stay tucked neatly inside, while I actually respond, "Why, yes, kind person, we are excited," oh, yes, and I smile too - a kindly smile at that.
Of course, dryness to the wind, we are thrilled - we have been waiting a long time, and have had some unfortunate struggles to reach this point - which makes it almost surreal to know that we are actually moving forward (and moving well, tg) with the entire process.
So, we'll use this blog to post tidbits, news, and the sweet baby's wants/needs/desires - no worries, we will translate the popcorn inside-of-the-belly taps and kicks into English for you :)
I'll wrap up here with an apology to anyone that I mocked in the paragraph above - I know that sometimes it is difficult to know what to say, and I should be more patient and show a better appreciation and gratitude for what are ultimately good wishes - I'm trying, mostly :) ttfn


Granny said...

I'm glad you started this so I can keep up with what's what! Hugs and kisses including SweetPuffin!

Kerry said...

I am very excited for you. This is neat. I have never read or commented on a blog before.



the inveterate optimist said...

Wha-ma-doodily-doo! Thanks for linking me into the blog. Hugs-and-kisses-and-hugs-and-hugs...

Lisa said...

Sherry - thanks for including me and I am so very happy for you! Even though Joe and I only have canine children, we both like kids - the parents? Well, you all can be a little crazy! I hope that reads like a true children's librarian:) I have been missing you lately and am glad I have this blog to stay connected.
Best of luck,
Lisa Hamrick

The Crows said...

Greetings and where does the name SweetPuffin originate? It was great to see the baby's "first pictures." We will enjoy keeping up with you on this site and glad to know Octavio is doing well. Love, Kathy