Monday, March 31, 2008

Baby gets ...

....... a bunch of stuff from Hanna Andersson and Old Navy!

I admit - I panicked - I'm not embarrassed. Well, maybe that's because the orders didn't arrive yet (eeks!).

I was all, "what if the baby does come, like, in April,"
he was all, "don't worry, we'll just go and get some stuff,"
and I was all, "but you're drugged up from your surgery, and feelin' no pain,"
and he was all, "you're right!" with a big smile
... And so, the easy pleasey Internet called out to me, and I went a little mad at the smoothness of its charm, keeping the noted red, "sale," as my only guide.

I'm sure you can picture how this story is going to end. And, so can the UPS man. To whom I apologize in advance for not limiting myself to one store, one order, since you have to climb a giant hill to make my deliveries - if you've seen the driveway, you can imagine that the UPS man now actually prefers to walk up the hill rather than drive to the front door...

poor UPS man!

What about diapers? Bathtubs? Nail set? Balms? Creams? Bouncy seat? Assorted baby accoutrement? Pshaw! This baby will be stylin' - at least for a week or two, and after that - well, I guess I'm hoping that sweet naked (undiapered, unbathed, unbalmed...) babies are cute to some :)

ttfn *SherryQ*

btw Octavio's recovery continues to go well, and the surgical pathology report confirms the largest tumor was benign!!!!!!!!!!! :) W H E W But, without the narcotics, I am now on a "no more baby orders until after a shower or your mother visits" diet. I don't mind, really - I'd rather have my healthy, healing Octavio :)

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