Sunday, February 21, 2010


Chair.  It is one word.  One beautiful word.  I like to say it - a lot.  I like to look at them - a lot.  I like to imagine them, touch them, walk around them, sit in them, think about them, push them around and covet them.

I. Am. Obsessed.


Mock me - it's all been done before. 

For example:  Moving into a 1 bedroom apartment as a grad student, my brother's friends helping, one of them commenting, loudly, "how are there more chairs to bring in?  How many f*cking chairs do you need?  I see one a$$.  One a$$, one chair.  I'm not carrying in anymore f*cking chairs!"  Ah, but he did carry another one of my chairs, and promptly set it in front of the dumpster.  I hope that it found a good home - it was a very clean lined, mid-century modern, low seat, high back chair.  Not an Eames or anything, but truly lovely and comfortable - and living a happy life somewhere, I am sure :)

Now I have something new to dream about.  A chair with this:
The room this chair is shown in is kind of icky faux finished feminine California I-have-too-much-money-so-I-hired-a-designer-to-get-my-house-featured-in-an-American-magazine version of "Tuscan"style - I'm surprised the wood isn't white washed...  jealous much (?)  perhaps....  NOT.  Except, of course, for the back of this chair.  I do not want this chair, but I do want this oh so lovely back of the chair to live somewhere in my house.  It is a beyond gorgeous gown worn to an everyday picnic, where bare feet were eventually the only accessory needed.  Or at the midnight dinner and champagne in front of a fire after an evening at the opera in Prague (again bare feet the only accessory needed).  Love.  It.  So.  Much!

I think I need to take a breath and just dream of my little chair - it's easy to get chairried away - oui?

bwyl  *SherryQ*


the Inveterate Optimist said...

I loved your little apartment. And thank heaven for all of your chairs. tIO x

SherryQ said...

xo ;) Saw a friend's chair the other day with such a "you would NOT believe how awesome!" elephant print on dark deep plum... holy frick, I wanted to run out of the house with chair on back, but was held up by a little toddler needing extra love. He keeps me sane, I suppose :)