Monday, February 15, 2010

The Works

A belated, "Happy Valentine's Day," to you! 

What we did:  Fried eggs breakfast, Octavio gave me some beautiful roses, left for the mall to curb some cabin fever, ended up at Paradise of Fun (uh - not what you're thinking, we went there with our sweet little mister!), and Barnes and Noble, followed by a turkey reuben on a rice wrap from the Common Market, and home to nap - for 20 minutes! 

No joke.  20 Freakin' minutes was all he wrote yesterday.  By 4 p.m. it was melt down central at this house until the little mister finally just tuckered out at 7:30 p.m.  w-h-e-w  What a day!

And how many times have we read these so far...
If you guessed, "a bazillion," you are probably getting close ;)  Because Benjamin now loves to say, "bippo," for another one of his favorite youtube videos, courtesy of Big Papi...  he LOVES reading the hippo book and all of the kissing (of course) and all of the, "I love you," 's from Todd Parr are a big hit as well ;)

Finally!  And, finally able to be used....
I decided against binding the edges, and just tucked the bottom edges in and straight stiched - the (ahem) rustic stitching wanted to keep the whole project very simple.  Benjamin is having a great time setting his own place and pretending in his kitchen area.  If I can get a good snapshot of him using the placemat, I'll be sure and post ;)

Our new endeavor is to contain the puzzles pieces.  I don't remember which blogger made puzzle bags a few months back, but I am SO copying them for these lovelies:

btw - I did not install the batteries for sound on the puzzles, and will not because I enjoy imagination and will resist, for as long as I am able to, the urge for battery supplied entertainment - in great opposition to my family and husband, but, please remember that I do have a reputation to protect - or is it project...?  ;)

The bags are cut, and being pieced with the liner, which I decided was just going to be the same fabric just turned sideways.  My plan is to have them just pull close with drawstring rope...  we'll see how that progresses...  and then put up command hooks for them to be stored on the wall in the kitchen area near the table.

I think that the little Mister will get a kick out of the bags! :) 

Any other ideas?

Keep warm and safe!  The snow is starting to fall again...

bwyl  *SherryQ* xo

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