Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Visitors from Cincinnati, and a return to the Creamery

Prima Tana's school/ summer camp had a three week hiatus before their fall term began, so she came and spent one week of that with us!!!! YAY :)

My parents (Granny and GDad), came over and brought Prima Zoe with them to play with Tana for the week!!! YAY :)
There was lots of fun to be had - sprinklers, toddler pool, API playdate, and a visit to the South Mountain Creamery!

My Dad doesn't join us on a lot of outings because of his bad back (aka World of Warcraft)

Benjamin thought that there were sheep too - he is saying, "baa," a
nd looking towards the cows ;)

Kerry and Jim arrived on Thursday and stayed through the weekend.
Prima Tana and Prima Zoe LOVE being together, and they both adore my sister!

Cousins LOVE Cows!!!
By now, Benjamin's mad walking skills have really developed, and he had a grand ol' time showing them off to everyone ;)

bwyl *SherryQ* xo

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