Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gyffy co-co-POP! and tomatoes

My former supervisor in my former work-a-day girl life (wherein I posed as a furniture liberating, group advocating, renegade librarian!), is such a lovely lady (and a magical sheep farmer), and I am so lucky that she has stayed a friend in my post-work life :)

We had lunch with Mary the other day, and she presented little Mister Benjamin with the most awesome Gyffy! We call him, Gyffy, Gyffy, co-co-POP...

He is awesome and bouncy and super duper fun!
He = Gyffy ;)

Tana brought 2 tomato plants over in June, and we planted them in the third pot outside - the tomatoes are there!

bwyl *SherryQ* xo

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