Monday, May 19, 2008

Where a Spontaneous Energetic Cow Parade is Reverently Observed ...

Hello :)
I believe that the baby is still growing - I know that for sure, I am still growing!

enter exhibit A: "the downward spiral shot"

Whilst sitting on the couch (which I am NOT supposed to do - its either prone on the left side or in a supportive chair), I happened upon this vista, and the melonishness of it all caught me in my funny bone = a photo must be taken! :)

That's my only photo to share as of right now. My camera battery died - again. I can only get about 3 pictures taken before the darned thing just tires out no matter how much I recharge it. Get a new battery, you say? Or a new camera, you say? Yes, I hear those voices too - just haven't been irritated enough to actually do anything yet - but will with baby on the way :)

Lack of camera attention caused me to miss being able to take a photo of my reverent (read - half asleep after lunch) observation of the cutest spontaneous cow parade on my ride home from work this afternoon (no worries - Octavio was driving). I added "energetic" to the description as well - because they were prancing up and down in the happiest fashion around the tip of a little curvy hill on their way to something that must have been very exciting ... an afternoon party of sorts, perhaps? Well, that's how it happened in my world - and if I could have taken a photo, I could have shared evidence... bygones ... but I couldn't resist the blog title, so now you know the rest of the story :)

I need to attend to the camera issue asap so that I can share the progress of the nursery - complete with shelves and stuff on shelves! I would also like to post some photos of the cute presies BabyQ has received from all of your generosity!

BTW - you read and hear about how the pregnancy hormones make the ladies all crazy and stuff - and now I know it is true! I recognize it, but I can't stop it! I feel like I am either smiling or sleeping all of the time... I am forgetting things and I trip over - over - over - nothing. I just trip :P Freakish, ain't it ... ? The poor dog is beside himself wondering what invisible things he is missing that I am tripping over.

ttyl - more on Wed or Th after more Dr. visits, unless by some miracle I remedy the camera issue :) *SherryQ*

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Adopting Mom said...

Oh I would have loved to see the happy cow parade! I'm so glad you are having more "smiley" crazy moments. I am thinking of you!