Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Perinatal Specialist visit

Howdy All :)
I visited the perinatal specialist again this morning - and as of last week, we were encouraged with the baby's growth (still very small, but growing, except for his tummy), but we were still moved to weekly visits because of the small measurements.

This week, he had some slight growth, but unfortunately, not in the stomach at all, and my amniotic fluid is quite low even compared to last week - indicating that the placenta is quickly going to stop being able to nourish the baby at all. I have been given signs of what to look for, and they are willing to let me wait another week for a return visit (unless something creeps up) - after which I'll be monitored for these changes twice a a week until the baby arrives.

No pictures this week at all - just information :(

So we are now at the point where I am needing to work no more than 3 days/week and no more than 4 hours/day in a sitting/desk position (I'm antsy just writing this down!).

We also discovered this morning that this
Sweet Baby LOVES the acai blueberry/pomegranate juice!

I'll find some pictures to post - soooooooon :) xo *SherryQ*

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Adopting Mom said...

Sherry I am glad you had a lovely shower. I am sending you and baby wonderful stress-free vibes!