Thursday, May 22, 2008

Confessions, an Update and Shopping list

I have two confessions:

Confession #1 - - - On April 18th, I ate a steak. Like a whole piece of it. Octavio grilled it up for me - skirt steak Puerto Rican style. And, I did not vomit or complain (too loudly). I am pretending like meat is medicine for the growing baby, and am trying to take it like a WOman. I did get a tummy ache later - maybe it was mental ... I tried to commit to eating the red bloody meats at least once a week, through breastfeeding. This resolution did not last ... but, I did eat hamburger (b-l-e-c-h, nevah again!) the other night at a cookout...

Confession #2 - - - Sometime during the week of May 5th, I gave up wearing my regular pants with a bella band, and wore a pair of full panel maternity pants. Yes, indeed, I did.

An update:
All of the rest, food, water seems to be helping the placental/amniotic fluid issues :) Even though I haven't gained any weight in the past two weeks... another visit next week will give us more information about the sweet BabyQ :)
Giant Tummy = Tiny Baby

Shopping List:
Other than the Ikea dresser and Glider that my mother is making arrangements for (THANKS, Mom!), this is what we are shopping for this weekend ...
*KangarooKorner adjustable cotton pouch
*Sophie the Giraffe
*Baby Bjorn
*Nursing Bra Tops
*Diaper Bag - just haven't found the right one yet

Other than adjusting to not being at work so often - soon to be not at all - that's about all that's going on here - OH! WAIT... Look at one of the shelves that Octavio built for his sweet boy ...

I need a new camera, or more patience :)

ttyl *SherryQ* currently not able to stop the never ending "Red Hooded Sweatshirt" by Mr. A. Sandler from running through my mushy mind ... 'zup?


the inveterate optimist said...

OMGness & WTF! Did we talk about the RedHoodedSweatshirt song last week? I too have been singing it! TMBG! (just for good measure) Grow, Baby, grow!

polkadotsandpuppies said...

shammalambadingdong sweatshirt...I love that diddy!
Glad to hear things are going so well. You ate a steak?!? AND a hamburger-I mean hot blood!!!?!? You MUST love this sweet boy something awful :)