Monday, May 26, 2008

FMH Hospital Tour

He asked the little volunteer at the front desk if this was a "3-hour-tour." Correction - he sang it.
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You can see where this little trip was going - oui?

We had our hospital tour with FMH Wellness Center lady, Amy. Unfortunately, she is one of those sugary-sweet-if I just smile enough you'll be happy too... kind of people. Fortunately, she did give a very informative tour, answering everyone's questions honestly, with a good balance of what the nurses are able to accommodate, inclined to accommodate, willing to accommodate. This giant tummied librarian likes to know these kinds of parameters. It helps me judge how difficult or pleasant I can be prepared to be. I gots to know the lay of the land, so to speak :)

I feel well informed and prepared for this hospital experience - and almost ready!!! I'm still not to the point of desperately wanting the pregnancy to be over... but, I know that is coming.

Our doula visited on Sunday for a few lovely hours - and has much experience at FMH, which also helps with my feeling of being prepared. We talked more about my expectations of her, Octavio's expectations of the entire experience, and what to concentrate on over the next two weeks - when I will be at week 37! W O W :)

Octavio is now nesting and reading :
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We are SO excited!!!!
ttyl until our next specialist visit on Wednesday! Hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend, and kept someone close to your heart xo *SherryQ*

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