Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Since We've Been Home (pre-Snowpocalypse)

After we settled back in from our trip to Puerto Rico, and cozied up at home, Granny, GDad and Zoe left to go back to Cincinnati before the 3-day weekend.  It took Benjamin a few days to stop looking for them around the house, and to stop asking for Uncle Corey to drive him around in the golf cart! :)

It had snowed whilst we were away, and melted, and was very muddy.  We could not be discouraged from going outside...
squishity squashity, sinking into the muddy hillside

Swinging, yeah!

Checking out nature, yeah!
What a cool shadow!!!

Some days have been rather bitter cold, so we have also enjoyed being indoors, and rediscovering the cool stuff therein.

Abacus meets Little Mister
Then some more snow came around, and we were not courageous enough to use the snowblower - slippity slopes, my friends, slippity slopes.
Pretty - isn't it?

We played indoors - and walked around outdoors, and jumbled here and there, and missed playdates because we had sniffles, bumped toothbrushes and were dorks misreading information, went to the library, wiggled and giggled, hosted a playdate (where we did make it!) and cooked up a storm...

Oh, my dish, my dish, my dish is on fyah!
No need to call the fireman, let the fricker frucker burn!
Looks like I'll need a little glass of something to recover
Another cute snow break!
yes, he shoveled the entire bottom driveway!

I see white snow

Up to the back driveway - oh!  Looks like magic!

Trees - swayin' in ta breeze, chickapay

Brave soldiers, guarding us :)

Moving fast!  Upwards, Little Mister!

The snow gives the swingset a rest - but it looks lonely...

Distracted by Nature
Not Narnia
And, I finally finished the stitching on the Waldorf inspired placemat for Benjamin.  The hoop marks, and marker are still visible...  but once I get this baby washed, dried, ironed and put the binding on the edge - it will be super cute and I will rephoto and post.

For my Little Mister xo

bwyl (stay warm!)  *SherryQ*  xo

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