Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Puerto Rico, pt.2 - where a surprise baptism occurs

Yes, you are reading that correctly, a surprise baptism!

Let me start at the beginning.  No, let me sum up. 

I tried to arrange a baptism last year and invited everyone in the family.

(insert drama)

This did not happen.

I arrived in Puerto Rico this year, with my husband saying, "please do not be upset, but my mother may have planned for Benjamin to be baptised when we get to Mayaguez."

(insert "may have" clarification discussion, which "may have" included some reference to lack of appropriate clothing - his answer, "don't worry, I have a tie."  Response, "this is not about you!!!"  blah, blah, blah.  Luckily his mother had a complete outfit ready for Benjamin, and I always have a cute skirt packed for just these kinds of surprises)

We had a great time on pt.1 of our trip at the beach (see previous post), and headed towards Octavio's parents' home in Mayaguez for the second leg of our journey, to see family.
Abuela and Granny discussing something important 
GDad and Abuelo also discussing something important

Their conversation continued to Don Quixote's the next day!
Benjamin loves Granny at Don Quixote's (and Granny's food!)

Aunt Kerry and Zoe enjoy Don Quixote's too :)

Don Quixote's has fantastic yum food, if you are in Mayagueuz, you MUST go!  We had the same waiter from 4 years ago (!) and the mofongo (shrimp, garlic tomato sauce inside of a bowl lined with plantain/pork rind smashed and fried) was out of this world!
After lunch, we enjoy a tasty coconut ice cream, 
and a donkey ride (on a broken, but very appealing donkey!)

Abuelo and GDad still discussing important things

Later that night, Benjamin turns into a dancing party animal!

Exhausted after playing music and dancing the night away!

The baptism outfit (must be all white)

That sweet baby bear in his outfit - running all around and wrinkling up!

Titi Magi, Abuelito Octavio, and Abuela

Saying the important words

When the Monsignor put oils and lotions on him, Benjamin signed, "more, more"

Aunt Kerry and Tio Tony stood up with us for Benjamin - pardon the blur

Octavio, his grandfather Octavio, and little baptised baby Benjamin

Running around at Schonstadt (a religious movement in the Catholic church)

Wicked cute Tawddlah, Benjamin!

Abuelo, Big Papi and Benjamin at Schonstadt

I do have little video clips - but I cannot figure out how to post them anymore...  once I do, I'll throw some up :)  I probably need to youtube 'em first and then imbed that link - eh?  :)

We had a wonderful time in Puerto Rico, but I sure was ready to get back home, and glad to be home - even though right now we are in the middle of a historic snow storm/accumulation/blizzard - I am glad to be able to go on vacation, I am very glad to be home! :)

bwyl  *SherryQ* xo

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