Friday, July 17, 2009

Unpleasant News..

Nothing about the sweet puffins (thank goodness!)...

However, this is a very strange coincidence:
In the past two months, both sets of our parents have had their homes burglarized.

One set live in Puerto Rico, and lost many precious items and all electronics.

One set live in Cincinnati, and lost only their giant television, but probably "only" because the neighbor saw the selfish nasties (who then saw her seeing them and sped away) and called 911.

Makes me want to build a little safety nest for them close by so that we can help keep watch - with Forest's assistance, of course... and maybe a few of his friends too.

Dear Burglars,
Stop bothering people with your lack of self confidence or respect for yourself and others. You only have one life to live - make it worthy and full of positive energy for yourself and others.

Thank you,

bwyl *SherryQ* xo

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