Thursday, July 23, 2009

Seeing Calves

We are trying to gently nudge Benjamin into making his afternoon nap THE nap for the day... this photo is on day 1 of the experiment of keeping him awake and active in the morning. Good job, Momma (NOT)... 2 minutes in the car on the way out to the Creamery, he is fast asleep - in his new carseat!

Benjamin woke up as soon as we stopped - it was only about a ten minute drive, so maybe we'll be back on track... Anywho, we walked up to the calf barn and saw some sweet babies. Benjamin LOVED the calves and hens and roosters ...

I wonder why Mommy and baby Benjamin already have such different points of view!
Big Papi and Benjamin are exhausted after the creamery visit and a trip to the Common Market!

An early evening playdate at Mrs. Clark's house :) Benjamin and little Maggie are one month apart (Maggie is older - but teeny tiny!). I love the way Dave (Cadia Rose's Daddy) is looking up with so much love at his wife, Natalie... She was in the photo, pre-crop, but the angle was unfortunate, so I opted for the crop :)

At the Catoctin Mountain Orchard with Uncle Corey, Aunt Sydney and Prima Tana...

Uncle Corey plays "let's scare Big Papi"
with Benjamin, on top of a rotten pile of hay
- seriously, it is stinky slimey sinky gooey rotten!

Benjamin has a proud Prima showing him how to play on the train

Tana brought her fancy Nancy purse and sunglasses,
along with her sparkly Boston Red Sox logo hat!
Perfect accessories for teaching Benjamin how to play on the tractor - dontcha think? :)

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