Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Oh no, she d'in't - oh, yes, she did!

An iPod touch for the sweet baby? Oh, yes, she did! The baby needs it for labor/delivery and sweet night music :) Daddy needs it for sports scores (it is baseball season - c'mon!). Mommy needs it 'cause of the swivel screen and she is a playlist junkie.

Another photograph in the last month of pregnancy? Oh, yes, she did!

Holy Frick-a-Doodles!
(an homage to KBT)

I walked past the mirror on Sunday morning and saw this - sans sweater/shirt even more alarming! - and had to seriously back up and do a double take of myself... That is one giant tummy on that girl!!! Sakes alive!

Perinatal specialist visit tomorrow - and regular Ob/Gyn on Thursday :)

ttyl *SherryQ*

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