Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dr. Visits update

Heya :)
We're plugging along ...

Baby continues to grow (still at or below the bottom of the growth curve - but, growing)

You couldn't tell that by looking at me, though - I am a GIANT in woman's clothing

Baby's heartbeat is 140, my total weight gain is up to 20 lbs, my blood pressure is 111/64

The cute Chinese Dr. checked to see how far down the baby's head might be (now THAT was an odd sensation... enough said!) - and we are not quite ready to talk about delivery - he has some traveling downward yet to do :)

Overall, we feel well - starting to notice physical signs of getting ready to make room for baby to enter the world, but nothing unusual. I think the comfort level is directly related to my increased rest/proteins/water.

No pictures again this week - although we were offered another boy bits shot - that I emphatically declined. I mean, seriously - should we have been planning for a "boy bit in utero" retrospective that we are missing the boat on? Was this our chance for artistic glory?

hmmm... pass, please

I hope that all is well out there! Did you all see that Alicia Paulsen's book can now be pre-ordered???? W O W :)

ttyl *SherryQ*

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