Thursday, May 8, 2008

More Dr visits ...

Bonjour mes Amigos y Familia :)
We went to see the Perinatal Specialist yesterday. He is adorable in his crazy Dr. geekness :) No Dr. coat for him, but rather a dark blue plaid short sleeved shirt with something in his little shirt pocket! J'adore...
Placenta is fine
Fluid is fine
Baby is growing
(still small, but growing)
Baby's stomach is quite small
I have to eat 6 meals/day in addition to my Ensures

This will be an interesting study into exactly how GInormous Sherry can actually get :)

Today's visit was with our OB/GYN - she's young and giggly and fun to see :)
Glucose levels are well within "normal" range
Blood pressure is fine
Proteins are super
I've gained a total of 17lbs!!!
Baby's heartbeat is beating well :) :) :)
The Dr. was very kind, enthusiastic and respectful of our birthing wishes :)
(I hope that she is the one "on call" when our time has arrived)

Where are the baby photos???? Well, all we could get this visit, because this sweet baby is head down, face towards my spine, with his sweet shy arm crossing over his face - is a photo showing a blurry fuzz of fuzz. They were able to get another boy bits shot - but, I shall respectfully decline to post it here on behalf of the modest baby. We're in every week now for the visuals (because of the size and stomach concerns), so hopefully we'll have something to post next week ...

I wish you all well out there - and will see some of you this weekend :) xoxoxo *SherryQ*

oh yes - a sweet little sheep from the MD sheep and wool festival last weekend ...

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