Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Two-Three more weeks!

Me today...
I tend to go a little monochromatic, since the aversion to giant swirly circles, pastel stripes, or, "Somethin's Cookin'," shirts is something I am unable to overcome.

This morning we visited with Dr. Broth - and he proclaimed that the news is the best we could have expected! So I've been given a 2-3 week reprieve on concluding my full-time Children's Dept. Supervisor position at my cute little library!!!

The baby is growing (still measuring quite small, but growing) :)

We both continue to be healthy (still waiting for the glucose test results) :)

We must continue with the proteins and shakes and avoid unnecessary activities :|

Our goal now is to make it to at least 37 weeks (we are at 29) ! :)

Wahooooooey :)

About the photos ... the baby is not only small, but slightly shy and polite. No kicking or bumping at the Dr. or little student stenographer** this sweet baby just slowly glides away from them with a nod of, "no, thank you," and proceeds on his merry way to an undisclosed location.

End result = another arrowed photo with confirmation that he is indeed a boy (what is it with the fixation and giant white arrow???!?), and one bottom of the foot shot - sorry! Hopefully we'll have something better next time.

In the meantime, please enjoy these happy photos:

Octavio chooses clothes for the baby (and so did Abuela!)
Octavio assembled the Amby - with the help of a little Lama from sweet Tana!
ttfn! *SherryQ* xoxo

** no one has corrected me here! She is a Sonographer - leaving the stenographer-ing to Stenographer Fred - does anyone remember stenographer Fred from Science Court/ Squigglevision? I can only find Dr. Katz Squigglevisions on YouTube - where is my beloved Science Court?!!?

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