Monday, April 28, 2008

Last Friday

Hola All :)

My sister-in-law, Sydney, is hostessing a shower for me!!! How fun :) Thank you, Sydney!

If you did not receive an e-vite, just post here and join us!

In other news - we continue to do well - as far as we know. The glucose test results have not been revealed to me just yet, so I am hoping for the best...

me as of last Friday (and I'm NOT in black!)

Can you see? Can you tell that my belly is trying SO hard to grow and grow and grow? Grow, grow, grow sweet baby! I am still feeling rolling acrobatics, a few puddly kicks, and soft punchy hiccups... so I assume that all is well ...

In ridiculous news - I am trying to finish an adult novel (as in books for grown folks - not "adult" adult - although ...). I hate to admit the title - it is truly silliness. But, it is a THICK book, and as I bid adieu to my life as not a mommy, I feel like I want to complete reading this stupid series I started years ago. It is good to have goals - eh? Oh yes, and I am FINALLY reading Nasty Bits - I adore him!!! No worries - I'll soon be back to the children's books :)

Unrelated to that - our lilac bush is blooming :)

The end of my sleepy, hormonal, and disjointed post... Octavio, his friend, Tom, and my brother, Corey, have been working on finishing the bookshelves for our sweet baby :) I'll take pictures and post asap :)

ttyl *SherryQ*

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Adopting Mom said...

Grow baby grow! You look great, in the inches I can see...