Sunday, April 18, 2010

Feet Bar and Papa Bean

Geez - I need to get my act together and write more often.  March 5th - seriously?!!!?  Call me Slacker Sherry...
 showing baby Olivia the deer and wild turkey

As far as what's been going on around here, other than freakish weather changes, giant bumble bees, stink bugs, and beautiful blooms - It turns out that we are not immune to following in the footsteps of those before us…  toddler temper tantrums have arrived!  
 the big slide, all by himself!
sand and trucks are super cool
checking out the early signs of Spring in the woods
How can we complain, though, when those toddler tantrums are closely followed by, “Momma, I feet bar,” = “Momma, I am your sweet bear.”  Holy heck, toddlers learning to talk are super cute, super busy, and super at wearing out momma!  So, I call for back-up one evening as we are struggling to relax and go to sleep (we = Benjamin, as I am completely ready for him to relax and fall asleep!), and in order to elicit a quicker response from his father, I use my endearing name for him, “Tavin” (pronounced “ta-bean” and a shortened version of Octavio).  Feet bar stands up on the bed and decides to assist my efforts by calling out as loudly as he is able, “Papa Bean, PAAPAAAAAA BEEEEEEEEEAN!”  OMFG - DH and I dissolve into hysterics, thus ruining any notion of sleepytime coming soon (it was after 10 p.m. that night!).   
 I fwing ing!
I run ning!
Because we have responded so delightfully to those two phrases, Benjamin is repeating them A LOT.  I understand that at some point we will get tired of hearing what now seems to be cute, and tired of being patient with the tantrums (seriously, how DO they know to just throw themselves on the ground and kick and punch the floor and scream and cry?!!?), but until then, we are enjoying every minute of being Momma to a Feet Bar, and Papa Bean :)

bwyl *SherryQ* xo

Easter and other celebration photos coming soooooon :)

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