Friday, February 5, 2010

What I'd like to say is...

well, is...  ahem, well....  let's carry on, shall we? :)
So Christmas happened!  Little Mister was completely transfixed by the tree and nothing, NOTHING could top the awe and wonder he felt looking at the Christmas tree every day.  I was surprised that he did not get upset when we took the tree down on the 27th...  just watched and "helped."

Everything was, was - we had Christmas Eve dinner at home, then just futzeled around and played on Christmas Day.  Christmas is not really my holiday.  I like cooking, putting the decorations out, and then how clean the house is when everything is put away.  A perfect Christmas for me would be:  the house decorated and clean, opening new (and washed/rtw) pajamas on Christmas Eve with as many family/friends as could be here, after eating a lovely meal and singing carols, reading stories, waking up on Christmas morning and having hot chocolate and breakfast while looking inside of the stockings, going to church, return home for soup and opening one or two gifts, and the rest of the gifts after nap.  It just always seems so frazzely to me - I wonder what everyone enjoys about it...?  My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and my second favorite is VALENTINE's DAY, and I do not care how made up that holiday is - I LOVE it :)

My Cincinnati neice arrived on the 26th to stay with us for the week since her preschool was closed.  My Frederick neice's preschool was also closed for the week - but mommies and daddies had to work, so we all had fun together waiting for new Year's Eve, when we would be leaving for a fun-in-the-sun trip to Puerto Rico!!!

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