Sunday, May 31, 2009

Around the House and going to the FMS

Benjamin likes to look out of the windows and use his very loud voice to greet the day :)

Teddy keeps Benjamin company in his VERY OWN bed - I know that you are shocked (frankly, I am too - about the bed, I mean). We purchased a tempur-pedic style foam twin mattress, so that Benjamin would still have the same feeling as sleeping in our bed. He really likes to play around on his bed, and seems to be napping there pretty well. The next step is going to be putting him into his own bed while he is still awake and see if he falls asleep on his own... Sounds like another "Mommy" issue to me too :)

We had some beautiful blooms this month... and our very magic tree continues to hold on... defying all gravity, wind, and the past few winters of ice storms. It truly is a magic tree! I too wonder who lives inside of there, but shy away from getting close and really exploring - I don't want to scare anything away :)

A silly baby playing in a guest room - please avert your eyes from the nasty carpet/ Grandmother's old chair that needs recovered / table extensions stored underneath the bed/ random room divider covered with a fabric piece from Egypt / and empty Pelligrino box :( Dear Sherry, fix up your house, please. Thank you, random guest.

This month also found us at the Friends Meeting School as stand-ins for Tana's Grandparents on Grandparent's day. Although, come to think of it, if we had come from a different time, or family situations, we are old enough to be grandparents - FRICK and EEEEEEEEEEEEEKS!!!! >:P Daggumit and dang, we are OLDEN...

Tana is the sweet puffin in the tie-dye shirt on the far right of the screen with impish curly hair. Curiously enough, behind two tall boys (Patrick and Akash), and next to the assistant teacher, Miss Tina. Tana gets to spend a lot of one-on-one time with Miss Tina :)

This video is very fuzzy (sorry)... and Benjamin became very excited at one point and knocked the camera all around (again, sorry!) Tana is reading her story about her pet, Forest. Forest is our Golden Retriever - notice at the end how she says that her favorite thing about Forest is that he lives at Titi's (that's me) house! Tana and Forest have had some challenges ;) Having each child read their stories aloud took over an hour... 3, 4, and 5 year-olds sitting for an hour... aye, yi, yi.

bwyl *SherryQ* xo

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