Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our Second Trip to Cincinnati

Yes, we did it again... even though I said,
"Never! Never, ever, ever! Do NOT even ask me ever never ever again!"
We still went.

I still said, "Never! Never, ever, ever! I mean it this time, DO NOT EVEN ask me ever never ever again!"

Benjamin still hates riding in the car - can you tell?

On the up side, we did have a great time once there...

Doesn't Zoe just ooze happy enthusiasm in this photo?!!? I love it!

Aunt Kerry's birthday fell on Easter this year (OUCH!),
and so we had a double celebration:

Easter pictures and playing with Zoe in the early afternoon,
while Aunt Kerry and Uncle Jim went to a Red's game,

and then a yummy Easter feast while Aunt Kerry opened her very happy birthday gifts :)

And, then... more peaceful moments of the ride home:

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