Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's all about the Baby!

Heya :)

I forgot to tell you all about going to see sweet Tana's first dance recital - where she was the BEST dancer in her group (read, "in the entire 2.5 hour show")! She was the only sweet puffin prancing around and groovin' the moves to the "We are Siamese" cat song from Lady and the Tramp, until she looked around and saw that no one else in her dance posse was following along. This revelation tripped her up for a sec, but then she dove right back into some rockin' ballet moves :)
Here she is celebrating her success at the pizza place with her patient Mommy ...

super genius!

On our baby front - we received the best of all possible news today! The baby is gaining weight and movin' up the scales in all areas (tummy still small, but growing!) - so the Dr's are going to (with weekly monitoring) let us try for another 3 weeks to get my body to go into labor :)

As I don't quite feel ready yet - I'm not sure what I am looking for to be "ready," but, I think I'll know it when I feel it - we're going to wait another week before we try any tricky tricks at home to get things started.

In the meantime, I am resting, eating, drinking and resting still. The doggy is now accustomed to me interrupting his day by being at home - and has decided that he is fine with it all. I showed him the pictures of the baby - - - - WAIT a minute! I have actual pictures!!!!

It might take you a minute to see his sweet face - the right side is smooshed up against the uterus - and he looks like he is holding a book (actual more goopy inside stuff). He's going to be a little snuggle bunny!

Slightly different angle of same - and the sweet baby is a little perturbed here, having been poked around for some time at this point ... He IS Octavio - don'tcha think?

Anywho, the doggy looked at the pictures with one eye, then the other eye (his big nose forces him to do this) and then, I swear, he looked at me and smiled! :) We are SO so so so so excited!

Any chance that I can blame an order of this tempting Iced Chocolate drink on my pregnancy and impending birth excitement??? Omg - I LOVE, nay, COVET this site and its potential deliciousness ... :)

Now on to finishing up the room and packing my bags for the hospital... All in good time - eh?

ttyl *SherryQ* :)

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Elise said...

Aww, congratulations! I hope all goes well with your baby! :)