Friday, May 30, 2008

All Systems "GO"

The baby is in position, repeat, the baby is in position ... (no sirens actually sounded - but it would be SO cool if they did!)

The sweet baby's head is so far down now, we can't even get even a "kind of" a profile ... 3-5 weeks until we meet him!!!

I'm sorting some music into new lists - one of which is for the labor bit. Beyond "Red Hooded Sweatshirt," I have come across a song that has me completely obsessed, stringing in a constant loop, and can only dare to dream that I had the nerve or some kind of confident labor humor, to add it to that playlist. Anyone? Anyone? omg - it's "Don't Touch Me" from the Space Ghost's Musical BBQue - Cartoon Network Band... :)
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That would be frickin' funny - no?

Yes - I see, it's time for a rest :)

ttyl *SherryQ*


the inveterate optimist said...

PLEASE please put that song on your birthing project CD. I would.

Quinones Family said...

Don't Touch Me! :)