Monday, April 7, 2008

To work or not to work, that is the question

that I answered :)

Octavio and I decided that I will not be returning to my full time position at my cute library - scary but, yeah!

Happy flowers :)

Once we went through the expense of work full-time (day care, eating out for lunch and dinner and other food costs since this will be done on the run, cleaning help, the anti-anxiety therapy bills I anticipate accruing from the stress of leaving the baby, along with regular massages etc.), it turns out I would be using some of his salary just to stay employed (an indication of how much a Master-degreed librarian makes, or the cost of my own craziness - eh?).

My plan was to work until I delivered - but (see previous posts), it looks like this growing baby and the Dr. might have other ideas. We have an appt. Wednesday morning with the regular OB/GYN and then the specialist on April 16th - and hope to know more then.

In the meantime:
YES, I am still wearing my pants with a bella band, but am eating everything that I am supposed to be eating (including the old folkey Ensures).
YES, I seriously registered for a million outfits for the sweet baby.
YES, I am obviously open to registry feedback (please).
YES, I continue to mostly feel well - the swelling that started with the October issues (hello fibroid!) are beginning to make their presence known, so some lower abdomen and lower back pain have settled in for the haul (I laugh in their faces - until I am begging for meds)

Well wishes to all :)

ttfn *SherryQ*

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